Keeping your Whites White

Do your white or light-coloured clothes start going a dirty colour or a grey colour after a while?

Here are a few tips to help you keep them white from the very first wash. Please start this process from the very first wash, as once your whites have discoloured, or gone grey, there is not turning back.

  1. ALWAYS separate your whites from the coloured and dark clothes in your wash, and wash them separately, EVERY TIME.
  2. ALWAYS use a good quality liquid detergent. Some of the powdered detergents contain fillers, which can discolour your clothing, especially your whites, sending them grey.
  3. Hang your whites on the line to dry whenever possible. For some reason the dryer seems to discolour your whites over a period of time. If it is not possible to hang them on the line, then put them on a coat hanger and hang them over the doorknob. They will dry quickly, and this will help make ironing easier.

If you are diligent in doing this with your garments, you will find your white stay clean, crisp, and fresh looking for much longer than they normally would.

It is also recommended with lighter coloured clothing, you use the same techniques, as for your whites.

Keep them altogether, separate from your dark coloured clothing, use good quality liquid detergent, and hang on your clothesline for drying.

Check out this video of Sharon, explaining how to keep your whites white:

We hope these tips are very helpful and we welcome any other tips or feedback your wish to share.

Uniforms will be looking more clean, crisp, and fresh than ever before.

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