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Would you like to have your own unique order page with your unique login code, that just shows your uniforms so you, your staff or franchisees can place orders online any time, hassle free?

At Absolute Apparel we have a personalised online ordering system to make it easier for you, our customers, to place orders for your team or for your team to order for themselves.

A personalised login can be setup for your business that only includes the uniforms you have selected for your team.

Depending on your company requirements, you can either have the uniforms be charged to your account with Absolute Apparel or individuals can pay for their uniforms by credit card.

Uniform Order Management for Franchises

Our personalised order management system is ideal for franchises, as the franchisor can ensure that all the franchisees have the same uniforms for their staff at all locations. Payments can be processed for personal orders by credit card or through head office on account. Orders will be directly deliver to the receivers address.

Uniform Order Management for Franchises

FAQs about our Order Management System

To find out more about our order management system and what a difference it can make for your company, please contact us.

Our personalised order management system is mostly convenient for companies with team of 10 or more.

The cost will depend on how many garments you have selected to add to your online ordering. The more items you have selected the more time it will take to setup. This will only be a once off charge. Additional charges may apply if you choose to change any garments in your range.

Once we have found you the perfect garments for your uniforms that you would like you team to be able to choose from, we can then work out a reasonable price to cover our setup costs.

It will take approximately 1-3 weeks to setup your login details and add all you garments to the system, but this may vary depending on how many uniforms options you have and how many busy our development team is at the time.

You will have an option to pay by account for head office orders, or credit card if your team member or franchisee is paying for their own uniforms.

As this system will streamline the ordering process it will only take approximately 2-3 weeks for you to receive your order (from ordering garments from our manufacturers, to artwork added, to delivery).


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